Recovery Lunch - First Tuesday of Each Month at Noon

At it's core, Clayton Mental Health, L.L.C. ("CMH"), exists to help patients who are recovering from eating disorders. Over time, it has become clear that recovery is a lifelong process, and sometimes it is very helpful to talk to others in recovery not only to receive support but also to understand that what you are experiencing in recovery is completely normal.

  • Been in recovery for a month and feel like the urges are never ending? We can talk about it.

  • Been in recovery for 10 years and surprised that every so often you think about acting on behaviors? We can talk about it.

  • Been rotating in and out of recovery for a while and not sure if you have what it takes to make it long term? We can talk about it.

Who is welcome to join the monthly recovery lunches? ANYONE who is working at that moment towards recovery or who is in recovery. Men, women, teens, seniors, moms, professionals, students – ANYONE. If you want to be there we want you to join.

Wondering what to expect? Bring your own lunch, something that is truly healthy for you. We’ll spend about the first 30 minutes eating, and ask that you do your best on whatever you brought. We’ll then spend the next 30 minutes talking about whatever is important to the group. This is your group and your time.

Recovery Lunches are free and open to the community. They are scheduled for the first Tuesday of every month (the next is Tuesday 12/2) at noon, and take place at:

Suite 111 (First Floor Conference Room)

7710 Cardondelet Ave

Clayton, MO 63105

Reservations are encouraged but not required. Please contact Marisa at 314-764-5737 or

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